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  HEI has extensive experience in evaluating commercial vendors quality and reliability programs.  HEI can assist DoD procuring agencies in analyzing COTS equipment expected to be used in a military application.  Typical areas of evaluation include:

  • Quality Certification

  • MTBF and Availibility substantiation

  • Temperature range (operating and non-operating)

  • Vibration capabilities

  • Quality level of PMP (if parts list is available)

  • ESS, HALT and HASS Screening Levels & Burn-in

  • Reliability specified, predicted, or demonstrated)

  • Hazardous materials within

  • Special tools or training required

  • Warranty on COTS

  • Supportability

  • Test equipment

  • Built in test capabilities

  • Maintainability (specified, predicted or demonstrated)

  • Information to indicate performance-based requirements can be met

  • Control over subcontractors and vendors

  • R&M expertise available during design & production phase

  • Thermal Management

  • Adequate design margins

  • Methods to eliminate defects

  • etc.



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