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Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)



HEI�s logisticians provide the basic management functions for the initial planning, funding, and controls which help to assure that the ultimate customer (or user) will receive a system that will not only meet performance requirements, but one that can be expeditiously and economically supported throughout its programmed life cycle.

The main objective of HEI�s ILS effort is to assure that the prime mission-related elements of the system are designed to be supportable, and that the below elements of the support infrastructure are designed to be compatible with the prime elements and each other.

  • Maintenance Planning
     - Maintenance Concepts, Design & Analysis
     - Maintenance Plan
     - Testability and Diagnostics

  • Support Equipment
     - Support Equipment Considerations

  • Supply Support
     - Sparing Analyses
     - Asset Management
     - Interim Contractor Support
     - Organic Support
     - Post Production Support

  • Manpower, Personnel and Training
     - Requirements
     - Human Systems Integration Analysis
     - Training Systems Planning
     - Training Outline and Curricula Design
     - Training Material
     - Training Devices/Simulators
     - Initial Training Requirements

  • Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation
     - Requirements
     - Testing

  • Configuration Management
     - Configuration Baseline
     - Configuration Control
     - Configuration Status Accounting

  • Product and Technical Data
     - Integrated Digital Data Environment
     - Product/Technical Data Package and Publications
     - Technical Manuals
     - Evaluation Criteria

  • Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health
     - Environmental, Safety & Occupational Health (ESOH) Integration
     - Environmental Regulations
     - Safety and Health
     - System Safety
     - Hazardous Material Management
     - Pollution Prevention Program

  • Facilities
     - Facilities Requirements
     - Evaluation of Existing Facilities/Capabilities
     - New Construction

  • Computer Resources and Software Support
     - Computer Resources Life Cycle Management Plan

Logistics Support addresses the full supply chain - from the suppliers to the customers - using analyses and planning to minimize and manage logistics risks.  We also provide product support tasks that include maintenance planning and depot planning necessary to ensure the system is optimally supported.



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