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Anteon Corporation
3211 Germantown Road, Suite 710
Fairfax, VA  22030
Ph: 703-246-0200

Technical Information
Name Michael O'Driscoll
Email modriscoll@anteon.com
Phone 703-253-3620
Fax 703-685-1853
Contracts Information
Name Hank Goode
Email hdgoode@anteon.com
Phone 703-253-3463
Fax 703-253-3545
Zones of Interest
1 Northeast
2 National Capital
3 Mid-Atlantic
4 Gulf Coast
5 Midwest
6 Southwest
7 Northwest

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Company Background

As defense business strategies begin to focus on privatization of the development and life cycle support of its systems, Anteon’s systems engineering services play a larger and more essential role in the successful development of effective and suitable combat systems. Anteon’s ship and combat systems engineering services include:

• Total ship engineering
• Shipboard systems integration
• Test and evaluation
• Missile lethality engineering
• Ship and combat systems interoperability
• Electromagnetic environmental effects (E3)
• Information systems
• Defense operations
• Training
• Doctrine development
• Joint air defense architectural development
• International operations

Our experience encompasses systems engineering and systems development, mission and threat analysis, and acquisition management for surface combatants and submarine programs.

Anteon applies its core systems engineering disciplines in support of most major surface ship and submarine weapon systems acquisition projects, including Ballistic Missile Defense, Ship Self Defense, Theater Air Defense and the Virginia class submarine program.

As these and other complex Navy programs are integrated into the joint battle management command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (BCMC4I) umbrella of future warfare, Anteon will pay a vital role.



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