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CACI Technologies, Inc.
14151 Park Meadow Drive
Chantilly, VA  20151-2218
Ph: 703-378-9177

Technical Information
Name Cole Ridson
Email crisdon@caci.com
Phone (805) 278-6644
Fax (805) 278-6694
Contracts Information
Name Barbara Wilber
Email bwilber@caci.com
Phone (703) 679-4119
Fax (703) 679-3402
Zones of Interest
1 Northeast
2 National Capital
3 Mid-Atlantic
4 Gulf Coast
5 Midwest
6 Southwest
7 Northwest

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CACI provides a full spectrum of engineering services from concept definition through life cycle support across the defense establishment. We offer the following support:

 · Offer a diverse range of logistics and supply chain management functions

 · Reverse-engineer older systems to preserve investments and reduce
   life-cycle costs

 · Enhance supply chain management, software design and integration and
   enterprise resource planning

 · Coordinate and support test and evaluation to maintain optimal

 · Provide C4ISR operations analysis, research and development, systems
   prototyping and field service support, including intelligence and electronic
   warfare (IEW)

We offer a range of logistics and supply chain management functions to a number of clients, including the U.S. Navy Fleet operations. We support programs to extend the service lives of aging aircraft. We furnish the U.S. intelligence community with prototype development, software design and systems integration services.

Test and Evaluation - CACI conducts ship hull, battle group interoperability, tactical/operator simulations to reduce the cost of test and evaluation. CACI coordinates and supports test and evaluation for events at sea and at land based test sites.

 · Research and analyze system software interface requirements
   specifications, engineering changes, drawings, system hardware
   configurations and setup procedures and test packages to support the
   development of the SSDS MK 2 test plan.

 · Provide engineering support of system integration between the SSDS, ACDS
   and CEC systems/subsystems.

 · Provide logistical services to support the development of test and
   evaluation procedures and requirements including: data extraction and
   analysis, technical documentation tracking and control and test procedure
   review and implementation.

C4ISR - CACI bridges the gap in sensor data between operational and tactical forces by providing timely ISR information in a user friendly tailorable visualization on the battlespace. CACI has individuals with the skills necessary to implement viable fusion systems including theoretical algorithms (processing rules) for data fusion, sensor characterization, operational target characteristics and operations.

We also have highly developed and demonstrates skills in:
 · Science and technology planning
 · Integrated training and support
 · Integrated logistic engineering
· Fleet support
· Interoperability analyses and interface design

Interactive Tactical Training Simulation – CACI has in-house expertise to develop tactical training solutions that can be used to develop test procedures, training courses and shipboard combat systems simulations.

Our clients include:
 · U.S. Navy Office of Naval Research
· U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)
 · U.S. Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR)
· U.S. Air Force
 U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM)

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