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Name Dawn E. Monroe
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Phone 540-663-0471-x149
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Name Dawn E. Monroe
Email dmonroe@sentel.com
Phone 540-663-0471-x149
Fax 540-663-0171
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N00178-00-C-3002, Engineering Services for Electro­magnetic Compatibility Program

Margaret Neel, 540-653-3470 

SENTEL engineers conduct and apply research on electro­magnetic inter­ference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of Navy afloat radar and communica­tions sys­tems. SENTEL engineers use the results of this research to develop models to predict EMI and EMC.  In addition, SENTEL engineers develop and apply genetic (i.e., artificial intelligence) algorithms to create a near-optimal frequency assignment algorithm for afloat systems.  SENTEL conducts engineer field surveys to generate designs and system specifications for EMI solutions and to provide algorithm data for the development of frequency management software.  SENTEL verifies opera­tional reports of EMI and conducts trade-off analyses among EMI suppression tech­niques such as shielding, operational work­arounds or the design and application of software and/or hardware EMI fixes.  In addition to widely applied techniques associated with frequency manage­ment and/or alloca­tion and E3/EMC analysis and design, SENTEL frequently applies its expertise in other specialty areas such as transient effects EMI, shielding, grounding and earthing, transient electromagnetic pulse emanations standard (TEMPEST), radiation hazards (RADHAZ), hazards of electromagnetic radiation to ordnance (HERO), and hazards of electromagnetic radiation to fuels (HERF).  Additional support pro­vided includes researching and pro­viding EMI corrective actions aboard the mine hunter, coastal (MHC) class of ships, as well as producing Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS) EMC test procedures for JTIDS EMC with the AN/SPS-48E radar and the AN/WLR-1H Electronic Warfare (EW) system.  SENTEL also pro­vides engineer­ing support in the design, development and installation of EMI fixes for CG 47, DD 963, DD 993 and DDG 51 class ships.  Additional support pro­vided includes the inte­gration of AESOP and its predecessor, EMCAP, into the afloat Information Technology for the 21st Century (IT-21) system and the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI)








N00039-99-C-3173, Littoral Battle Force E3 Analytical and Engineering Support

F. Michael Stewart, (619)-524-7230

SENTEL designs, codes, integrates and tests Navy automated frequency management software tools.  Specific tools include the Automated Spectrum Planning, Engineer­ing, Coordi­nation and Tracking System (ASPECTS), the Joint Terrain Analysis Program (JTAP) and the Spectrum Utilization Resource System (SPURS).  Application of these tools in the operational environment enables fleet users to exe­cute their communication planning throughout all echelons of the Navy C4I infrastructure.  SENTEL provides software lifecycle support for these applica­tions, including requirements defi­nition, software design, imple­mentation, testing, maintenance and user support. 




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