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Performance-Based Logistics (PBL)

Performance and Supportability
by Design
for the 21st Century

In addition to our traditional ILS services, HEI's current focus is to provide product support services for the 21st Century that meet the new DoD Policy Guidance requirements (DoD 5000-1 and 2) of Performance-Based Logistics (PBL) as the preferred support strategy for all new weapons systems.  Today, the ability to measure performance has become a must.  To help accomplish this, the military has turned to PBL.  This relatively new concept in operational support, PBL is designed to help increase military awareness through the maximization of both organic and contractor support.  PBL helps to create an increased responsibility for military contractors by tying their compensation to the operational availability of their products.

The DoD defines PBL as: a strategy for weapon system product support that employs the purchase of support as an integrated, affordable performance package designed to optimize system readiness.  PBL is based on the belief that if suppliers' long-term profitability is in play, suppliers will use every resource available to optimize profit while meeting the U.S. government's performance objectives.  In other words, performance based logistics rewards high performance and penalizes poor performance.

HEI's background in the design assurance disciplines (reliability, maintainability, availability, supportability, testability, system safety, human-systems integration) an ILS places HEI as the provider of choice for clear and accurate assessments of PBL support options.  The PBL approach consists of designing reliability, maintainability and supportability (RMS) into the system for increased performance and a reduced logistics footprint.

To implement effectively the critical objectives of systems availability and process efficiency associated with PBL, HEI provides the following systems engineering design influencing disciplines associated with PBL.


  • Design for Reliability

  • Design for Maintainability

  • Design for Supportability

  • Design for Producibility

PROCESS EFFICIENCY (Logistics Support)

  • Resource Demand Forecasting

  • Systems Training

  • Supply-Chain Management

  • Test & Support Equipment

  • Maintenance Planning

  • Packaging & Handling, Transportation

  • Facilities/Warehousing


  • Reliability

  • Maintainability

  • Availability

  • Maintenance Turn-Around Time (TAT)

  • Time Standards - Transportation Priorities

  • Supply Support

  • Warehousing and Storage Efficiency

  • Personnel and Training


  • Operational Availability (Ao)

  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

  • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

  • Item Requisition Fill Rate (%)

  • Average Level Maintenance Turn-Around Time (TAT)

  • Percentage of Uniform Material Movement and Issue Priority System
    (UMMIPS) Transportation Standards Achieved

  • Mean Time Between Preventive Maintenance (MTBMpt)

  • Mean Preventive Maintenance Time


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